Art Direction: Jermine Hodge   I   Copywriting: Riya Mehta

Message: Ben & Jerry’s is a versatile ice-cream that comes in a variety of flavors, therefore can be enjoyed by practically anyone, regardless of what group, era, or preferences they identify with.

Concept: Ben & Jerry’s can resonate with people from all classes by showing that even fictional characters now have new preferences.

Execution: Using fictional characters who are known for what they consume, we’ve created a campaign that shows how they willingly swap out their usual favorites for their newfound addiction - Ben and Jerry’s


Extension - Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is loved by everyone, even some of your favorite superheroes/heroine and villains can’t resist the temptation. We’ve decided to partner with Comicon in a quest to create our new line of DC and MARVEL ice cream in new flavors. The votes are in the hands of fans and may the best character win.

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Magic wands used on this project: