It's not what you think


Because the area is not owned by a single entity, revitalization has been spotty. A unified image doesn’t exist -- except perhaps in the imaginations of “ignorant” tourists which probably accounts for an increase in visitors. Inconsistency of product and singular experience makes it challenging to entice New Yorkers back and create a better buzz among residents who are the ones necessary for authentic validation.


The NYPL has so many great services. A library card can give benefits as similar to that of a premium credit card.


Ben & Jerry’s can resonate with people from all classes by showing that even fictional characters now have new preferences.


Life is full of surprises, a lot of times we find that what we think to be true isn’t and vice versa. Our campaign concept is to highlight amusements at Coney Island by using raunchy headlines and showing that it is-- like many things we see and encounter, not what you think.


Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is loved by everyone, even some of your favorite superheroes/heroine and villains can’t resist the
temptation. We’ve decided to partner with Comicon in a quest to create our new line of DC and MARVEL ice cream in new flavors.

Tools used on this project