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Art Direction: Jermine Hodge   I   Copy Writer: Paul Bernabe

The client said: NYPL offers many services that New Yorkers do not take advantage of, such as e-book rentals, museum passes, and more. Get them to use it.

Then I Said: Will do

And thus spoke my work: NYPL library card is an exclusive item, eligibility is restricted to those who live in the state of New York. This means only 6% of new Americans are eligible to carry this

limited-edition, premium library card that features NYPL's premium, yet free, services.


This campaign kicks off with prominent New Yorkers such as Robert De Niro, Alicia Keys, and Neil deGrasse Tyson sharing their experiences as to how NYPL helped build their careers, in an effort to make New Yorkers own this premium card.  


Direct mail arriving in New Yorkers' mailbox, tempting residents to apply for this premium card that features NYPL's premium, free services.


NYPL will partner with prominent New Yorkers to create a lecture series that is open to NYPL cardholders only. In this lecture series, speakers would share never heard before stories that are rewarding to the audience.


NYPL cardholders can purchase these limited-edition Supreme / NYPL Patience and Fortitude Paperweight at the end of the Lecture Series.

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