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Art Direction: Jermine Hodge   I   Copy Writer: Paul Bernabe

The client said: Young people don’t see people they can relate to in the literature they’re reading. Help us get them back to reading

Then I Said: Will do

And thus spoke my work: Kids and young teens relate to modern culture more than classic culture, so let's connect modern culture to literature to ignite the interest in how young people view books.


Stormzy’s EP is a direct reference to Hamlet, a tragedy wherein Hamlet tries to kill his uncle, Claudius for usurping the throne. The Hamlet EP chronicles the parallel to Stormzy’s journey — to taking the throne of grime for himself and keeping it. 

Without any prior announcement, Stormzy will quote lines from Hamlet on his Instagram Story. He’ll build up a frenzy among his fans and lead up to the fact that he is putting new music out. Towards the end, he’ll reveal an EP cover and invite viewers to swipe up to listen to it on Spotify.