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You're here to know a bit about me, so I hired a voice actor to do the talking.

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2021 Civic Engagement Award 

Honoured for selfless support towards the Megdar Evers College student body

The University of the West Indies “ 2014 Call for Art” Competition Winner  (p.8)

“Youth Unemployment” was selected for publication in a Special Issue of the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) Journal​

2011 Brooklyn Literature Match Winner 

Authored poem entitled “Yes I’m Black” published by Akashic Books 


Student research papers on my poem "Yes I'm Black"

Bethune Cookman University - English 240 (Page 2)

City College of Technology - African Studies 2000 (Page 1-3)

Claflin University - Modern Black American Literature (Page 5-7)


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