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Art Direction: Jermine Hodge & Henrik Bakke-Hareide
Copywriter: Michael Edwards   I   Research: Brittany Wright & Lulu


The client said: Budweiser is a beloved and iconic staple of American culture, but their sales have struggled to keep up. Help us build the momentum to recruit the age 21-34 group, as they represent both a large volume and a long-term recruitment opportunity for the brand.

Then I Said: Will do

And thus spoke my work: The world-renowned Budweiser lager is a piece of American history. Let's remind millennials that the great American Lager is 'A Goddamn National Treasure' by denouncing some of the most absurd things in this great land.


The Budweiser lager is a piece of American history and yet it has not gotten the respect it deserves. No longer content with taking a backseat to a lost and found wooden leg, a no longer existent road, and a most likely empty bottle, the great American Lager is here to remind people that It's 'A Goddamn National Treasure'


We'll activate the Budweiser staple as an American icon in a way to which millennials can relate, entertaining them through absurd humor and proclaiming Budweiser a goddamn national treasure.


The Goddamn National Museum features other absurd objects America claims a national treasure or found in the National Museum of American History. This museum is free to the public and if you care to learn more, feel free to scan the QR code.


Budweiser then asks consumers to submit their

National Treasure story by using the Instagram Story Frame.